The next ~750 words of my crime piece!

Genre Writing – Week Four



Adeline woke to the sound of her doorbell ringing with a raging hangover. She rolled out of bed and staggered to the bathroom to pop a few Advil and grab her robe. The doorbell rang again while she was in the bathroom; it felt like a sledgehammer slamming into her temples. She stumbled off toward the front door and grabbed a pair of sunglasses for good measure before yanking open the door. Carla and her husband, Steve, who lived in the house across the street, stood on her porch looking far to chipper for the morning. Carla took one look at Adeline and wrinkled her nose at her obvious hungover state.

“Adeline, good morning! Steve and I thought we’d pop over and see how you’re doing today. You look… well…”

“Yeah Carla, I had a rough evening. What can I do for you and Steve?”

“Well, Steve and I were out to dinner last night and we ran in to an old friend, Jason, from when we were both in college, who recently ended a long term relationship, and…” At that point Adeline stopped listening. Carla meant well but she had horrible taste in men. All Adeline wanted was to go lay back down and hope that the newly arrived nausea she was experiencing would be short lived. Carla broke her thought process by handing her a picture while Steve continued the description.

“He really is a good guy. I’ve known him for years and Carla and I thought you guys would really hit it off! Anyway, he went ahead and made a reservation for two tonight at that Italian place that you like so much; we mentioned that it was your favourite…” This new information finally broke through Adeline’s haze and she started glaring outright at the couple. Steve quailed at the fierce expression and looked to his wife for a rescue.

“Oh come on Adeline. Your husband’s been gone for almost four years; it’s time for you to get back out there. He wouldn’t want you to hide.” Adeline’s face went blank at the mention of her ex-husband, and her eyes dropped to the ring she still wore. She sighed and decided to give up; a good solider knows when a battle is unwinnable. “Fine. Just don’t do this to me again, okay?” Carla just laughed. “He’ll be here to pick you up at seven. I’ll com help you get ready around six!”

Adeline managed to smile and say goodbye; she even shut the door without slamming it, out of respect for her raging headache. She had a ton of work to get done and, apparently, a date to plan for as well. She took a deep breath – shower first – and went back to her room.


Adeline checked her watch; it was almost five and Carla would be at her front door in about an hour. She went to her bathroom and started running water for a bath. Just because I’m going on this date against my will, she reasoned to herself, doesn’t mean I can’t pamper myself first! As she soaked in her tub, she reviewed her day. First thing this morning, she had called Dunham and given him the Robert Grainley assignment. He seemed much surprized that “Mr. Weston” finally had an assignment for him, but was quick enough to accept it. The next phone call she made was to another employee, to have her follow Dunham. Adeline might force herself to keep him employed, but she wasn’t about to make the mistake of trusting him. Then she was contacted by one of her employees, Sara Trew, with the best news she had in months; Matthew Bergen, the oil company tycoon, was funding Mexican drug cartels on the side, some of which were dipping in to human trafficking. She told Sara to work on finding a way to get close to Matthew Bergen. It frustrated Adeline to no end that she couldn’t do it herself, but she knew it was safer this way.

Adeline climbed out of the bath and began to get ready right at six. She didn’t bother picking an outfit, shoes or jewellery – Carla would insist on doing that – but she carefully applied her makeup and arranged her hair in a simple bun. Carla came and chose a coral coloured cocktail dress with black pumps and a gold locket before running home again. Her date picked her up on time, introducing himself as Jason Steen, and Adeline couldn’t shake the feeling that she had met him before.


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