This is the first bit of a fantasy piece I’m writing. A girl who disbelieves the rumors about people who go missing in the forest goes into the forest and finds herself in a different world.

Genre Writing –  Week Five


My family has always been rather outcast in the local village, because we live in the forest. The villagers whisper about the forest; that people go missing whilst under the trees. It isn’t safe to venture through the woods, even with company. People have vanished by walking through the shadows. For whatever reason, my father has always ignored these whispers. After he married my mother, he moved their household out here. Over the years my three older brothers, me, and my younger sister appeared to help my father scrape a living from the land. We hunt game and gather firewood; what we don’t use ourselves we take to the village and sell.

My siblings are all quite happy with our life, but I’ve always felt that there is something out there waiting for me. I think my mother wishes I had been born a boy because of it. But I long for adventure. I volunteered myself as a housekeeper in the forge in exchange for fencing lessons. Today the smith informed me that he had nothing else to teach me, and presented me with my own weapon. Now I head home, to see my family once more before I go off adventuring.

Tonight is a new moon; the lack of light through the trees made the shadows impossible to make out. The path, which my father always warned me to carefully stick to, was empty of these shadows. The villagers all worked together to ensure that no trees grew close enough to the path to cast a shadow upon it. In the darkness I lost my way and walked through a shadow. I did not notice at first, because of the darkness. But when I came to where my family’s house should have been, there was nothing but more trees. I thought I was simply lost, so I made a small camp for myself and waited until morning.

I woke to the uncomfortable sensation of being poked with a long piece of metal. I opened my eyes to see a figure, standing between me and the blinding morning sun, prodding me with a sword. “Who are you, traveller, and why do you trespass in Lord Cepass’ forest?”

Slowly I rolled on to my knees and looked up at the figure, confused. “I’m sorry, where did you say I am?”

Shifting so that I could see his face, the man snorted delicately. “Another new one. Well up you go. You have to go see Lord Cepass anyway.”

“Another new what? Where are we going?” He ignored my questions and pulled me to my feet before turning and walking away, assuming I would follow. Which I did, since I couldn’t think of anything else to do. Two steps later, I stopped very abruptly. The man seemed to be on a horse now, but I knew he hadn’t mounted, besides which, I hadn’t heard a horse. I stared, my mouth slightly open, trying to get my brain to accept what my eyes could not deny.

Turning to see why I stopped walking, the man – the centaur – snorted again. “You’ll get used to it.”

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