After Paris I took a bus up to Berlin. I’ve had some people here tell me they thought I should move to Germany, and I knew Berlin was a city with a lot of history, so I wanted to go check it out for myself. I absolutely loved it! In a weird way, Berlin felt a lot like home. My tour guide said that it isn’t a beautiful city, but that it has a certain charm if you give it a chance. I only partially agree with him. I think it is a beautiful city, if you know where to look. And after spending some time there I have developed a great respect for the German people! They were amazingly friendly and I think their determination to hold on to even the worst parts of their history is very admirable.


The German people as a whole also have a very dry sense of humor. You have to know about the history of Germany and well as the architecture of Berlin, but once you see it, it is hilarious! From  the goddess of Victory overlooking the Paris Plaza and glaring at the French Embassy to the German Cathedral being a whole ten centimeters taller than the French Cathedral its design is based on. I really enjoyed learning about those kinds of things.


For the most part, Berlin is a very new city because so much of it had to be rebuilt after World War II. As a result, it doesn’t have the same breath taking architecture and history that other cities, such as Paris and Rome, have. But there are plenty of beautiful gardens and meaningful memorials. And the residents were extremely friendly. They would share a smile for no reason and chat with you just to pass the time. It actually felt a lot like home. Oklahoma isn’t a “pretty city” but you can find some amazing places if you take the time to look, and I think Oklahomans are some of the friendliest people around.


I really fell in love with Berlin; it was completely foreign to me, but it felt so familiar. It was perfect.

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