When I first decided to study abroad, I was ridiculously excited. I couldn’t wait to visit new places, experience new cultures, and meet new people. But I didn’t realize at the time how these new people, places, and cultures would all claim a part of me. I am going back to Oklahoma soon and I’m faced with the prospect of saying goodbye to Hatfield and all the friends I’ve made here.


Some of these people I met in the airport the first day I landed. Others I’ve known for less time, maybe only a couple months. But I think it’s amazing that I could feel so attached to them, regardless of how long we’ve been friends. When I first got here, I tried to make as many friends as possible; we all did. It’s almost like making a safety net. You want friends in your flat, in your classes, to go grocery shopping with, to watch movies with. You feel out of place and you make fast friends with as many people as possible so you don’t feel alone. But then if you hold on to those people, you get to know them so much better and faster than you would normally, because you both are out of your element. The result? I’m going home soon, and I feel like I’m leaving part of myself with these wonderful people who have been with me for one of the most amazing parts of my life. Its sad, but knowing them is most definitely worth it.

Here’s to the nights that turned into mornings with the friends who turned into family. I’ll miss you guys.FRIENDS

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