Sometimes you can make the best of a situation. And sometimes, unfortunately, you can’t.

On Monday evening I said goodbye to some great friends. Except that, since I didn’t want to say goodbye or leave at all, I ended up pushing back my exit until 3:30 am (that was my second mistake. My first was not already being packed.) We said “see you soon” instead of goodbye. I hope that I will see them soon, because I started missing them the second I left.

So at three thirty in the morning I walk back to my flat, finish packing, and take a shower. This brings us to 6:30am, where I check out of my flat and walk to the bus stop. No I did not get any sleep. At 7:40 am I board my bus to the airport (which was 10 minutes late) and spend the next two and a half hours in very cramped conditions, worrying about the state of my souvenir shot glasses. I got to the airport, checked in and got myself lunch while I waited for my flight to board.

The flight boards and takes off half an hour late. I get to my layover and spend the next hour waiting at my gate, but that flight is also delayed an hour. We finally get in the air, heading toward Denver, but there is a lot of bad weather in the area and a ton of turbulence on the plane. We land (safely) in Denver an hour and a half later than we were supposed to. That, combined with customs and security, meant that I missed my connection to OKC. So I was put on the next flight out. At 11:20 am the next day. It was 8:30 pm at that point. The icing on the cake? Since the delay was weather related and not because of the airline, they didn’t put me up in a hotel.

On the bright side I now have the “Slept in an Airport Terminal” life achievement.

Fifteen hours later, I boarded my flight to OKC and an hour after that I finally made it home. In total, it was about 38 hours from the time I left my flat in Hatfield to when I got to my house in Oklahoma City.

Even with all my delays and lengthy layovers, the worst part was definitely saying goodbye to the friends I made at the University of Hertfordshire. Hopefully we will see each other soon, like we all said.

But I guess it just depends on your definition of “soon.”

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