Easter Break has started! Yay!!!!

(Slightly more than) Two weeks of complete freedom! If you ignore the work I have due as soon as we get back. But I’ve already done most of it, and I’m ready for my next adventure. In two days I leave for my trip to Edinburgh, Scotland and Dublin, Ireland with some international friends I’ve met here at Hertfordshire.

But I’ve already had a couple adventures over break! Last Friday I went to a place called Go Ape, a tree top forest adventure with “zip wires, Tarzan swings, rope ladders, and a variety of obstacles and crossings” and some great views.


If you’re ever in the UK I highly recommend it. Ignoring the fact that I am actually quite scared of heights, it was one of the best times I’ve had in a long time. I had one (small) panic attack and I only screamed once. I actually got to a point where I hit a roof on being scared; there was just no room left for me to be more frightened. It was amazing! I really want to go again! My favorite parts where the zip lines (once I got past the whole jumping-off-the-platform bit),

but the worst was definitely the Tarzan swings. You had to free fall before the rope would catch you.

(You can totally hear one of the employees yelling “Well done Margaret” after Brooke convinces me to jump)


So I enjoyed that way more than I thought I would. And then, two days ago, I got to see Les Miserables live for the first time at the Queen’s Theater in London. I’d seen the movie several times, but the stage performance was a thousand times better. I cried at least five times during the show – which is a good thing for a show that’s literally called “wretched.” Getting to London and back was an adventure though. Somehow I got a ticked for Essex instead of Piccadilly Circus, and I’m still not quite sure how that happened.

From swinging through trees to sobbing in darkened theaters, this has definitely been a “Spring” break to remember, in the best way!

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