This weekend I finally got to indulge my nerdy side!

The International Student Services organized a trip to Stonehenge and Bath that I just couldn’t resist. Everything definitely lived up to my expectations. It was a wonderfully stereotypical English day; cold and rainy the whole time.


We went to Stonehenge first, which was about as exciting as staring a a big pile of rocks can be.


It would have been better if we had been allowed to actually walk around the site, but all we could do was stand off to the side and take pictures. But, as I’ve read a lot about Stonehenge, I still thought it was interesting.


Then they packed us all back on the bus and took us to bath, where they had arranged tours of the city for us. Unfortunately I only made it through about half an hour of my tour (I swear, my guide was the most boring person ever), but I looked up cool things to do in Bath, so it worked out. I went and took a tour of the Roman Baths first thing, which were amazing!

IMG_4075 IMG_4068IMG_4084

I’ve always been interesting in Roman/Greek history and mythology, so getting to see it all up close was fascinating!

IMG_4094 IMG_4367

Then I had lunch and did a bit of shopping.


The last place I stopped before we left was a place called Sally Lunn.


Apparently, Sally was a Huguenot in the 1600 who fled to England from France to avoid religious persecution. She brought this brioche recipe with her and started a bake shop, which became famous. To this day they still make Sally Lunn Buns in the same shop from the same recipe.

IMG_4526 IMG_0053

So, of course, I had to get one.

IMG_0057 IMG_0060

And it was delicious! Good job Sally!

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