So I was in an unhappy place after that sting of bad meetings I had. I tend to be a really cheerful person so that was definitely not fun for me. And to top it all off, when I went to talk to Jaci, she wasn’t there to tell be to calm the heck down and breath for a second (she is really good at that).

Buuuuut, as the title of this post may have given away, I figured something out without help, and this is how it went down. Picture this:

I am sitting in the Study Abroad offices, in one of the waiting areas, degected because, not only have I been told that my only study abraod plan will not work, the amazing Jaci is not around to help me brush it off. I need to do homework anyway so I pull out my Laptop and what should I find, but my very own degree sheet. I glare at it in distain! How could someone who came into college one semester shy of being a junior still have so many problems? I began looking at all the classes that I had already taken.

And then I noticed something.

In the Spring semester of my Sophomore year I had already taken two of the six “suggested” classes for that semseter. The other three were Differetial Equations, Organic Chemistry Lab, Mass Heat and Momentum Transfer, and Professional Development. A quick search on classes offered in previous semesters showed that both Differential Equations and Proffesional Development are offered in the summer. That left me with three classes to work with, until I remembered something.

The college of Arts and Sciences offers Organic Chemistry as a summer study abroad.

This doesn’t immidialty seem helpful if you aren’t staring at my degree sheet like I was, but I saw something wonderful. It is suggested that I take Organic Chemistry in the fall of my sophomore year and the lab the following semester. But if I took O-Chem during the summer on a stud abroad I would not only be fulfilling one requirment, but I would be that much closer to another!

Obviously I am in a much better mood now, and I have just sent off several frantic emails. I will update when I know more.

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