So I had my meeting with Theresa Marks. And with the Arezzo adviser.

You know that music that plays in scary movies when the killer is sneaking up behind the protagonist? That should be playing through your head right now.

According to the both of them, if I do the engineering study abroad in Italy for the summer and semester like I planned, I will get an entire year behind!!! I am already in a five year degree plan!!! What the HECK!!!!!

Don’t worry, I was very polite to both people who told me this. It’s not their fault that the curriculum is rooting against me. But now I’m back to square one. Actually, I’m worse than square one, because I have no idea where I want to go, or if this is even possible. I didn’t realize how difficult this would be when I accepted my fellowship. But hopefully I can go chat with Jaci about this and, between the two of us, we can work something out.


*Cue sad music that plays when the killer finally gets the protagonist*

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